Trading time for Cash : Are Online Surveys a Scam?

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Out of the many ways one could make money online, surveys seem to pop up most frequently. Some claim they made thousands doing surveys for various companies like Inboxdollars review, while others are calling them blatant underpaid tasks for the amount of work required. Opinions are divided yet they are still promoted almost everywhere. Are Online surveys a scam? Stick around as the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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The Good Part:

– Accessibility. Pretty much anyone can get into doing online surveys. There are plenty of sites out there that take new members.

– Convenience. Doing surveys takes very little skill or attention. It can be considered an easy way to make money in terms of effort.

– No obligations. This type of freelance work does not imply a schedule, stealth secrets inboxdollars review you do not have any deadlines. The Not So Good Part:

– Boring and repetitive. A lot of these surveys can be quite boring to complete. They usually involve answering some basic questions and there can be a lot of them.

– Time-consuming. Usually, surveys have tens of questions, some of them repetitive or redundant. They take a lot of time to complete.

– Poor pay. The cash rewards for surveys are quite unfair. Pay is very low for the time they consume to complete. Making minimum hourly wage can be nearly impossible with some survey sites.

– No skills acquired by completing surveys. As surveys require no skill at all, after doing 100 surveys, you will not develop any new skill at all.

– Require too many details. Surveys can get into some rather personal and intimate details. Many of them request information that some might not want to share.

– Deceiving prescreening surveys. Basically, the pre-screening part of a survey is free work. There are a series of questions at the beginning of a survey that helps the company determine if a person is eligible to take that survey. Even if you are not eligible, that is still information that you give away for free and that is valuable for the survey.

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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Surveys are time-consuming. They are boring, and the pay rate is extremely low. Compared to other freelancing jobs, surveys are very inefficient. Most people that start doing surveys quit after just a short while when they realize that they can do something better with their time. Time is an important resource and should be spent wisely. Doing a 30-minute survey for $1 USD is almost like giving away free work.

Surely, there Is Healthywage a scam? are worst ways of earning money online but there are plenty more that pay better for the same time and effort invested. Surveys are not a scam in the true sense of the word. You can get paid from doing surveys but well below what would be considered an acceptable rate. They pay next to nothing.

Without a doubt, there are still people that do surveys, otherwise, these sited would not exist. There are people that are willing to spend 30 minutes to earn less than a dollar. It is a matter of personal choice. For many of them, a dollar can mean a lot, or they might have a lot of time to kill. In either case, they would be better off trying something else. Just think about how much is your time worth for you and if you are willing to work for next to nothing for various survey sites.

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